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General discussion post

Why don't we start with some general chit-chat about the series itself? Favorites/least favorites, etc.

- Of all the sisters, I identified with Ruby the most. She's certainly the most modern of the girls and easiest to connect with, I think.
- The Brazendales are my by far my least favorite characters in the series. I have a degree of sympathy for them, but that only goes so far. The way they used May really made my skin crawl.
- Favorite episodes were "The Sea" and "The Serpent." I loved that we were able to get a Billy-focused episode in the former: it was gorgeous and heartbreaking. The latter was also pretty heartbreaking, at least for me. I loved Miss Bird, and it was clear Dadda really did too. The girls' refusal to accept her really rankled with me. Miss Bird I feel really could have been a positive and good force of change in their lives.
- In terms of shipper-y stuff, I was most partial to Joesph/Ruby, although I had a bit of a soft spot for poor Frank and was really rooting for him to succeed with May.

Anyone else?
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